Build Customer Engagement with Consumer Loyalty Programs

Consumer Loyalty Programs remain one of the most important marketing tools available to acquire, engage, grow, and retain customers. And there are many levers you can adjust to market needs, but none more influential than your rewards program. This is the reason consumers join your program — the promise of a meaningful reward at the end of their buying journey. Hinda’s Loyalty Rewards solutions allow you to put the most engaging rewards offerings front and center with your customers every day.

The Future of Engaging Rewards

We focus on consumer loyalty and engagement rewards. We can consult with your organization to develop a strategy, create the campaign engine and fulfillment platform that power your program, and enable the analytics and reporting infrastructure to assess the results and make adjustments.

While some companies promote access to millions of drop-shipped items, we do the work for you. We warehouse 7,000 of the most popular items that we know consumers want, and we ship most orders within 48 hours of receipt. We package shipments with your brand logo on the box and with a personalized note telling your customers how special they are to you. All of this creates a premium customer experience and ties them even closer to your brand.

From financial institutions to airlines, from hotels to dining and more, we have the expertise and experience to create a loyalty program rewards portfolio as special and unique as your customers.

Not only that, we provide the tools you need to:

  • Build a compelling, engaging rewards site for your program
  • Increase customer visits to your program site through campaigns, promotions, and special offers
  • Create and enhance the customer experience, from shopping to ordering to delivery
  • Foster customer advocacy for your brand with special packaging and personalization strategies
  • Take advantage of special gifting programs to surprise and delight your best customers

Offering a unique, engaging rewards program is just another way to say “thank you” and keep your customers coming back again and again.

Interested in learning how loyalty programs can increase customer retention?  Contact one of our experts now at 404.303.5100.



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