Your Number 1 Primary Mobile Marketing Strategy: Build a Database

One of the biggest and worst mistakes Adman-Mobile sees brands making across the nation is the failure to aggressively pursue a Database.

For almost any business, there are two different types of databases that need to be developed: a. Current client database b. Lead database – Future clients Growing a database of current clients for future marketing is one of the most tried and true ways to grow revenues. No matter the type of business you have, it is easier and more cost-effective to market to your current customers and get them to buy more frequently (more transactions), buy bigger ticket items (increased average ticket = more revenue), or get them to buy additional offerings (cross-sell).

Since the stone-age, people have been building a network of current clients and sending them invitations, offers, VIP discounts and more. Initially, these offers were sent via snail mail, then email, and now directly to their client’s cell phones.

So it all comes down to this: If you could have one piece of information from your clients today, what information would you want? Home address? Let’s see, you could send them direct mail pieces that would have an open rate of less than 1.5% and would have a cost starting at $.45 per piece or almost $45.00 per open piece of mail. Plus, Americans today move every 4.5 years which means a lot of the mail you send may not even be delivered.

Email address? Email has been proven to be one of the most cost-effective, loyalty marketing campaigns any business can be a part of today. These types of campaigns produce results by helping your business stay top-of-mind, can easily deliver extra web-traffic, and produces transactions.

These are effective despite the following statistics:

Mobile Phone Number? The Hands-Down WINNER! The 3 reasons you can’t ignore!

  1. Your customer’s mobile phone number will likely be the same for the rest of their life due to mobile phone number portability now. Americans routinely switch from one service provider to another and take their phone number with them.
  2. When blasting a promotion out to a database of mobile phone numbers, 97% of them are read! Over 90% are read within 3 minutes of receipt. Americans read their text messages.
  3. The final reason is the most important of all. 92% of the Adult population have a cell phone and over half of those 279 million people will have a smart phone by Christmas this year.

You can connect with more of your customers than email, for less money than direct mail, and with a better read-rate and higher call-to-action than any of the others. So with this new found knowledge, it is imperative for any organization to begin to build their database of mobile phone numbers today!

This must be done correctly because it has to be permission based (you have to have gain permission from your customers in order to text them!) This can be done as simply as embedding a mobile disclaimer into the current order form, a disclaimer, or a sales authorization you use today. Many brands have been doing this for years; shouldn’t you? The other common way we as a business get customers to give us permission to text them is by getting them to text us first. Our company teaches you a very simple method of getting them to text. Tell them to! If you have an audience with your client, if you are looking them in the eye, tell them to TEXT.

Regardless of your type of business, there is something you can offer your current clients that will encourage them to engage with their cell phone. When they text YOURBUSINESSNAME to 72727, they are in the database. Now you can market to them timely over the coming years driving revenue, pushing them into your social networks, asking them to refer friends, and more!

Want to know more, let's talk about how Adman-Mobile can help you build your database and grow your revenue.

Lead Database – Future Clients Today your company is reaching out to new customers in a variety of ways: Radio, outdoor, newspaper, flyers, side of the trucks, direct mail, door hangers, etc. When these potential clients see or hear your message, they have to be ready to buy right then which is unlikely. Maybe they have to hear your message 6 or 7 times before they think of you, which is even more unlikely as more and more people TiVo through your commercials on TV, listen to their iPods, or talk on their phone instead of reading your ads. However, when brands today put the immediate “call-to-action” of text BUSINESS NAME to 72727 in the center of “traditional” advertising, it gives their customers an immediate way to engage with the ad, without committing to buying today.

The customers engage if they have a potential interest in that product or service, thus entering the database. Now we have permission to deliver our timely reminders to these leads with a 97% read-rate, and 6-22% redemptions on the offers we deliver. Even if it takes 5, 7, 12 different promotions to this potential lead over the coming months before we generate a transaction, what was the cost of that new buyer? For example, if it took you 7 text promotions to get this buyer to come into your store, what did it cost you? 7 text messages x $.09 each = $.63. This is the least expensive cost of a new customer, the cheapest customer acquisition cost of anything else available today.

Through mobile we get a “lead” to engage with us once. After that point we can continue to market directly to our exact demographic, (potential client), for less money and with more effect than anything else available. Want to know more, let's talk about how Adman-Mobile can help you build your database and grow your revenue. Call Neil Wiesenfeld at 404-303-5100.

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