The Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the efforts to mitigate its spread has significantly changed our world in the last few months. With many people facing canceled events and changes in how they work, now is the time to get creative. It’s time to find other ways to service your team, customers and clients.

Healthcare Products Beyond Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are a great product to have right now but there are so many other helpful supplies you can be providing. Here are some healthcare products and messaging ideas:

·       Informative magnets, signage, and guides with the latest CDC recommendations for preventing the spread of Coronavirus — Spread the word on best practices.

·       Thermometers — Know right away if you or a loved one have a fever.

·       Tissue Packs — Catch that sneeze!

·       Moisturizer — Constant hand washing can dry out skin.

·       Soap — With many people at home, hand sanitizer isn’t necessary.

·       First Aid Kits/band aid dispensers — Rambunctious kids running around the house? Be prepared.

·       Pill Boxes — Now’s not the time to forget about or misplace your medication.

·       Immune Booster Packets/vitamins — Give your immune system a boost.

·       Nurses Week - Don’t forget, Nurses Week is May 6-12, 2020.


Hands Away From Your Face!

The CDC and every talking head on TV are reminding people to keep their hands away from their face to prevent catching the Coronavirus. Here’s your opportunity to put distraction products in hands.

·       Fidget spinners

·       Stress balls

·       Rubik’s Cubes


Workforce Working From Home? Boost Morale And Keep Everyone Engaged 

If your team is now working remote, use these ideas to boost morale and show your appreciation.

·       Branded apparel — rock those conference calls in style.

·       Drinkware — virtual coffee breaks, watercooler chats and happy hours, here we come!

·       Work from home tech (e.g., earbuds, headsets, bluetooth speakers, screen cleaners, etc.) — this might be new territory for some, so make the transition a little easier.

·       Mobile Office Collections — highly useful items to get the job done from anywhere.

·       Dress up the home office (e.g., desk clocks, calendars, pens, notepads) — because your workforce may have left some of their essentials in the office.

·       Bluelight glasses — protect your eyes from extended screen time.

·       Gift baskets/food — Anyone would appreciate a snack that doesn’t involve a trip to the grocery store right now. 

·       Workout equipment (e.g., exercise bands, jump ropes, mats, etc.) — with gyms closed and movement limited, corporate wellness programs can still go on.


Make Social Distancing More Comfortable 

As isolation continues there will no doubt be some binge-watching sessions for the history books. Here are some items to make lounging more comfortable while keeping your brand top of mind.

·       Socks

·       Blankets

·       Fleece apparel


Don’t Forget About The Kids 

With schools and many daycare centers closed, parents are now trying to home school and entertain the kids 24/7, often while having to work at the same time. Help them out with some branded merchandise.

·       Games

·       Coloring books

·       Puzzles

·       Activity boxes


What About Pets? 

Dogs and cats — now wondering what their owners are doing at home all the time — may be seeking attention as well. Pet pics are great for social campaigns, and if they’re sporting branded merch, even better (“take a mental break and check out our furry at-home friends”).

·       Pet bowls

·       Handkerchiefs

·       Balls

·       Pet toys

·       Collars

·       Leashes

Keep Mental Health Top Of Mind 

These uncertain times can be especially stressful. Here some ideas with mental health in mind.

·       Books & Cookbooks — Get away from social media and take your mind off of the current situation.

·       Journals — Use them to clear your mind and capture your thoughts.

·       Tea sets — Something warm to sooth the mind and body.

·       Hats, gloves, and scarves — for those looking to get outside even if there’s still snow on the ground.


Changing Business Needs

Businesses have had to change how they operate, almost overnight. Think about what needs you may now have moving forward.

·       Restaurants now operating with only to-go or delivery options: branded takeaway packaging, outdoor signage, window signage, car magnets (for delivery), hot and cold delivery bags.

·       Supermarkets, warehouses, and other businesses within the food and medical supply chain are ramping up hiring and hours. They may need new employee packages and even thank you packages for current employees.

·       Company Stores — Companies may want to use these as an additional revenue stream or as a way to get company merchandise to a remote workforce.


Keeping It Light

Coronavirus is a serious threat, but here are some ways to make it a little lighter.

·       Conference Call Bingo — For those working from home,why not make a contest out of those pesky disruptions (you get points for barking dogs, disruptive kids, technical difficulties, etc.)

·       Work-from-home whiteboards - Need to send a frantic message to someone in the room that you’re on a call? Or maybe to the video conference that your audio isn’t working — white boards are great for instant messages.

·       Buttons — Add some fun messages like, “If you can read this, you’re standing too close.”

·       Bathrooms Signs - You’ve heard the recommendations — 20 seconds of hand washing or singing “Happy Birthday” twice. But what other songs or sayings can you post that take 20 seconds to read?

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Be Safe!

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