Neil, Our hats are FANTASTIC, everyone loves them especially us. Please go ahead and put order on the credit card. We will be placing an order in the near future and we are never too busy to refer great companies like yours and your daughters. What a great experience!!! Thank you Darrell

  • Darrell Gunby
  • Gunby Construction Company

I just wanted to say it has been a pleasure working with you ..... and we LOVE the tshirts. Thank you for all your help with the product, and selecting the right fit. We will be sure to come back to you for more at some point. Thank you again on behalf of the entire Neshama team.

  • Sue Chase
  • Neshama Interfaith Center

Neil, The t-shirts are fantastic! Thank you so much for helping us out with this project.

  • Amy Colbetzor
  • The Weather Channel

Neil, Just wanted to let you know we received the shirts and they look great ! Thank you for continuing to give us great customer service. It's a pleasure doing business with you.

  • Tim Kincaid
  • Cox Communications

Neil I’ll echo Tim’s comments. The shirts look great and you exceeded our expectations on the customer service front (we should be used to that by now…).

  • Larry Dexter
  • Cox Communications

Neil: I never worry about a thing when you are on the job!

  • Carolyn Fjeran
  • Ga. Association of Homes & Services for Children

Neil, Just so you know, the drives were a hit and everyone loves them. GREAT JOB. WE APPRECIATE YOUR EXPERTISE.

  • Brent Henderson
  • Enraf Fluid Technology

Neil: Thank you so much for your help on this project! And as always . . . you RULE!!!

  • Angelia R. Henderson
  • The Weather Channel Radio Network

Chere,I have copied Neil on this email. He is the vendor that does a great job with everything he has ever done for me…can’t say that about many other partners. Please consider him for our spirit wear needs.
Nick for Kell H.S. Football

  • Nick Kavadellas
  • Orasi Software, Inc.

Fantastic. Thanks Neil. I just looked at the decanter and it is beautiful – my favorite one so far! Thanks so much for all of your help

  • Natalie Turner
  • Lancope

Hi Neil Got the speakers yesterday and they are awesome! Everything looks great and we're glad we went with your suggestion on the bags as well. Thanks again for all your assistance!

  • Bill Bennett
  • Fitness Together

Hi Neil!! I just received the patches and they look awesome! You are THE BOMB!!

  • Kimberly Williams

The stuff all looks incredibly cool.

  • Dov Jacobson
  • Games That Work.com

Sheri -- I received the shirts yesterday and they are great! Thank you so much for working with us, and for the quick turnaround. I will definitely keep you in mind for future orders!

  • Lori Peljovich

We got the Ash City shirts the other day and they are really nice. We will probably be ordering more of them soon.

  • Chris White
  • Orasi

Hi Neil! The awards look great!! I was out of the office for a large part of last week so I did not see the awards until yesterday. Thanks so very much for all of your hard work and the patience that you had with us during the ordering process. You’re the best.

  • Nakia Washington
  • Magic Wand Foundation

I received the bags. Thanks so much. They look great. I appreciate it.

  • Sommer Delgado
  • Georgia Department of Education

Via Facebook: Thanks Neil. Couldn't have found the best deal without your help!

  • Nancy Terry
  • nterry@advmgtconcepts.com

Neil, Everything is great and the level of customer service provided by your company was impeccable.

  • Tim Metz
  • Cox

Via Facebook: I've been working with Neil and his team for about 15 or 16 years now. They always do a great job and go above and beyond to help us get what we need. I highly recommend them to everyone.

  • Chris White
  • Orasi Software, Inc.

They look great and your service is magnificent. All our clients and coworkers love the mugs. Thanks Dov

  • Dov Jacobson
  • GamesThatWork.com

Hey Neil The table throws arrived today and they are perfect! You did outstanding work and I cannot thank you enough!

  • Candice Young
  • Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

Thanks, Neil - the paperweight looked good and we dressed up the boxes with a label and ribbon. Will take pic and show you. Symposium went well and thanks so much for all of your help,

  • Linda Schmidt
  • Care Solutions

Sorry Neil. I've been buried with work, and then on top of that running this golf event has been another 'thing' to do or manage. I finally got to see the shirts and they look great, thank you very much for delivering once again.

  • Dave Burns
  • Cornerstone Christian Academy

Our bags and the table cloth came in and we are very excited and pleased! You guys did an awesome job!!!

  • Monique Baldwin
  • United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta

The sun shades look great! I gave away 2 yesterday and 1 today. They are a BIG hit. Even the guys in the shop like them!!

  • Holly CothranDrake
  • HDS Vans

The table cloths looked great, the dye quality was spot on. Kauffman Tire was very pleased and they're perfect for their marketing events.

  • Amanda Barron
  • Wolfbone Marketing

LOVE the tape measures. We will probably reorder again very soon.

  • Holly CothranDrake
  • HDS Vans & Mobility

Thanks Neil. The wine glasses look great.

  • Amanda Wierling
  • Decision First Technologies, Inc

Hi Neil! The gifts were a hit!! All I heard was “oooohhh” & “ahhhhh”! They absolutely loved them. Thanks once again!

  • Kimberly Williams

Neil: Shirts were a big hit. SOLD OUT. Women's cut very well received.

  • Deb Farrell
  • Row for the Cure

Neil, We got the Smiley Face Markers and they are soooo cute!!!! Everybody has just smiled at them!! Thanks for everything you do for us! YOU are the best!

  • Sandra Hammonds
  • Executive Assistant to the VP of Communications

Neil, The shirts look great. I appreciate the quick turnaround. I am forwarding your name to some other folks that will be contacting for future work.

  • Grant Henry
  • Henry Inc,

Neil, I LOVE the white visors. They look great! Thank you so very much.

  • Holly CothranDrake
  • HDS Vans

Neil, The wine glasses look awesome!!!!

  • Kelly Moon
  • EPIC Response

Excellent – thanks Neil! I’ve been sporting the shirt in the office today and everyone loves it!

  • Alicia Beuke
  • Lancope

Neil, Thank you for following up. The napkins for our fundraiser were awesome; I will send you pictures of the event soon!

  • Kathy Ortstadt
  • Care Solutions, Inc.

Thank you Neil. You’ve been a pleasure to work with. We will definitely refer our clients and colleagues to you.

  • Patricia L. Dwyer
  • RRB Business Services, LLC

Neil, They (the lapel pins and cards) both arrived today and they look great! Thank you for all the work on these.

  • Jennifer Graham
  • Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Foundation

Neil, What a great article and achievement. You definitely deserve it. Congratulations! I will vouch for your impeccable customer service, that's for sure

  • Sage Kroell
  • Matrix Resources

Pens were delivered today and they look great! Very pleased, Neil! Thank you!

  • Candice Young
  • Church Benefits Board

Thanks! I received the pens yesterday. They look great! Thanks for all your hard work with this order.

  • Yolanda Lee
  • Northside Hospital

Neil,We received the magnets today. They look great, thanks.

  • Taylor Powell
  • EPIC Response

They [the pens and notebooks]were great! Thanks so much for your help!

  • Amy Derrick
  • CBF Global Missions

Thanks Neil! We appreciate your help and quick response.

  • Amy Robertson
  • True Textiles, Inc

Hi Neil, We rec'd the golf tool today, and we are VERY Pleased! Thanks again, and we'll tell others! Ginny

  • Ginny Geiken
  • Edward Jones

Hey Neil, The ballcaps and t-shirts were a big hit. Thx much for all of your help.

  • Floyd Alcorn
  • Cox Communications

Thank you Neil! The t-shirts look amazing!!!

  • Chere Stadler
  • The Weber School

Thank you so much Neil! This was the easiest order ever. No wonder Chris speaks so highly of you!

  • Laurie Boltin
  • Georgia Family Council

Hi Neil, The flash drives are in and they look fabulous! Thanks so much for all your hard work!!

  • Magdalena Perez
  • United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta

Good Afternoon Neil The shirts turned out great! Thank you for the great workmanship!

  • Faye Lyons-Gary
  • Metro Atlanta Traffic Consultants

They (the embroidered blankets) look beautiful!! I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much.

  • Holly A. CothranDrake
  • HDS Vans & Mobility

Neil, The t-shirts were a huge hit – everyone loved the color and the long sleeves for a change. Thanks again. Tracey

  • Tracey Young
  • Cox Communications

Hi Neil: We are in receipt of the hats and they look GREAT! I was worried the letters might be too small, but I think they look really good. And the navy was definitely the color to go with. Thanks again for your help!

  • Karen M. Gosnell
  • Entaire Global Companies, Inc.

We received the stress pencils. They look great! Thanks.

  • Lana Melton
  • Church Planting Ministries, Ga Baptist Convention

Thank you again for everything you did to make this job possible! None of it could have happened without your willingness to pitch in and help.

  • Andie Brand

Neil: We just received the embroidered fleece and they look great! I’m amazed at how great the small embroidery looks and the white on blue looks perfect! This is fantastic that we got them so fast! Excellent service! Thanks so much for your work (and patience) with us on this gift. I know our employees will love them! Thanks again!

  • Karen M. Gosnell, PHR
  • Entaire Global Companies, Inc.

I received my t-shirts this afternoon. Thank you so very much, they are perfect! Also, I’ve never had t-shirts delivered “warm from the oven”…that was really a kick, I had to have Amy come over and feel them! Thanks again for your great work…and I look forward to the hats!

  • Tawnya Atkins
  • The Weather Channel

Neil, the caps are perfect! Great colors and the blue you picked out couldn’t have been better!! Great Job!

  • Russell Hoover, IT Director
  • Smith, Dukes & Buckalew, LLP

Neil and Sheri: First let me say how appreciative I am of all the work that went into the bandana artwork. I love it. Sheri - you did a good job translating my sketch into a great graphic.

  • Deb Farrell
  • Head of the Hooch.org

Appreciate your quick turnaround, Neil. I always plug your name everywhere I can since you do terrific work for us.

  • Luis Abarca
  • ING Foundation

The (license) plates look great. The students love them and are already buying them.

  • Erika Issac
  • Westwood College

Neil, I received the pens and they are FABULOUS! My boss really like them. Thanks, Neil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lisa Scott

I just wanted to let you know that we got the t-shirts today. All of the sizes were correct and they were a HUGE hit!! Thanks so much for all of your help!!

  • Brande Satterfield
  • Kids II

Just wanted to let you know that I received great feedback from the account managers regarding the notebooks and pen/highlighters for our seminar participants. There were "ooh's" and "ahh's" over the pens being so cool and each of the account managers asked me if they could have a notebook and/or use them for Client gifts. Each account manager did walk away with a pen and everyone told me they were gonna steal a "little black book."

  • Alison Taylor
  • MATRIX Resources

We got the order as expected yesterday and they (the t-shirts) look great. Thanks!

  • Chris White
  • Orasi Software

Thanks Neil- we are all set and everything looks great! They (the awards) were all very well received. Thanks again for your help!

  • Jessica Newton
  • McKesson Corporation

Thanks, Neil. The cups look great.

  • Barbara J. Pringle-Smalls
  • Fulton County Medical Examiner

Thank you, Neil. I'm grateful to YOU because you make this annual decision-making process so much easier and faster!

  • Paulette DeHart
  • Georgia Baptist Literacy Missions Consultant

Neil: The plaque looks great! Thanks!

  • Rebecca McCullough
  • Weber Jewish Community High School

We just got the delivery of pens and everyone loves them. They look great and write great!

  • Joyce Cutchins
  • Georgia WMU/WEM

I got the shirts they are great! Thanks!

  • Harvey Kart
  • Atlanta Hospital News

Hey Neil! The shirts arrived & Brenda is beaming with pride. Thank you!

  • Larry Jennings
  • eLink Recruiting Solutions

Hi Neil – we are heading home from London and all awards arrived safely and looking great! Thank you again for all your last minute help on this one…program went great!

  • Mary Lou Heastings
  • Executive Alliance

Hey Neil~ Just a quick note to let you know that Justin's t-shirts came today. THEY LOOK GREAT!!!!! I can't thank you enough for all of your help with everything and for getting them done and to me by today! I really appreciate all that you did!

  • Janet Seligson

Neil,The totes were great! I appreciate the hard work you put in to get the items to us on time. Everyone loved them. Thank you!

  • Nicole Speed
  • Cox

Neil, Thank you and the shirts look great.

  • Erika Isaac
  • Westwood College

Thank you so much Neil. They (USB Flash Memory Drives)look absolutely perfect!

  • Lindsay Gurbacki
  • Linkage

Looks good to me Neil. Great work!

  • Luis A. Abarca, Jr
  • ING

We are very pleased with the Screen Sweep! Thank you so much. You are the best!

  • Sandra Hammonds
  • Georgia Baptist Children's Homes

Neil, Thank you and yes, the binders and slip cases look great!

  • Christine Grant
  • Linkage

Neil, Thanks so much!! The pens and pads looked great. We’ll let you know how we can use you in the future.

  • Alexis Hunter
  • Honeywell Enraf

Neil,We did get the banners, signs, name badges and crystal awards and everything turned out beautifully. I double and triple checked everything and they were all correct. Whew… Thank you so much for helping me with all of the short notice things this year! Working with you and your company is so easy, and I really appreciate your outstanding customer service!

  • Jessica Cole
  • Catalyst For Care

Hi Neil! I love the can coolers! They are perfect! Thanks again!

  • Kristin Williams
  • CBREInv Boston

The laser pointers are in and they look FABULOUS! Thanks for all of your help. My pink shirt looks great, too.

  • Rachael Brock
  • Technical Associates

Great to work with you, Neil. I had to use you............you're the best in the business.

  • Rich Goldberg
  • First National Financial Title Services

The duffle bags and light kit were a smashing hit - really beyond my wildest expectations especially dealing with "car guys"!!! I will definitely use you again!!!

  • LeeAnne Talley
  • Manheim Seattle Auto Auction

The shirts are great and I really appreciate the extra help you gave me on Wed. when I was in a panic. Thanks so much!

  • Donna Wrinkle, IRR Staff, Assistant Swim Coach
  • Milton High School

Neil, We did receive the golf shoebags last week and everyone was pleased with the results. Thanks for your assistance.

  • Susan Walter, Marketing Associate, Asst. to CEO
  • Tauber & Balser

Neil, they were/are wonderful! We received raves for both items and our event was a huge success! Your efforts truly made all the difference. thank you so much again.

  • LeeAnne Talley
  • Manhein Seattle Auto Auction

Thanks for all you have done, Neil. It has been so easy working with you! You are the best!

  • Christy Peacock
  • Georgia Department of Agriculture

The windshirts look great! My CEO hasn’t seen them, but I think he’ll be pleased. I’m certain there will be ample opportunities for us to work together throughout the year.

  • Jody Ma
  • Lancope